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JerJay Beauty Supply

Chazap Liquid Razor 12oz

Chazap Liquid Razor 12oz

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Stock up your beauty essentials if running low on supplies! JerJay Beauty Supply, one stop beauty shop offers everything you need right from the skin care routine to your extravagant party look. Have a look at all our products and buy them soon!

  • Gives a sharp, crisp hairline without the use of a straight razor.
  • Used to add a distinctive touch to the hairline, can also be used on eyebrow arching, beards and mustache trims.
  • Can be used on customers, who are allergic to conventional razor shaves but desire a sharp, crisp hairline.
  • 1- 4oz. Bottle will allow for 50 hairlines! / Unparalleled stylist creativity
  • A New fresh innovative concept in hair design and technology.
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