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Black Ice Spray 4oz

Black Ice Spray 4oz

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Stock up your beauty essentials if running low on supplies! JerJay Beauty Supply, one stop beauty shop offers everything you need right from the skin care routine to your extravagant party look. Have a look at all our products and buy them soon!

  • Black Ice is a temporary color hair spray that is developed with the newest technology of today's cosmetics.

  • Featuring a unique formula that does not run or wipe off.

  • Looks natural when applied to the hair. Because of its non-running formula, BLACK ICE is perfect for athletic or active individuals. Looks great until it is shampooed out.

  • Use to restore faded hairlines.

  • Also good for restoring faded color on wigs, weaves and hairpieces.

  • Can be used on natural and synthetic hair.

  • Can be used as a touch up color on grey hair.

  • Not to be used as a dye.

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